Bartos Erika

Erika Bartos's tales are like peaceful islands in today's fast-paced world. Her works are among the most frequently checked-out books in Hungarian libraries. Several contemporary musicians were inspired by her poems, and used her lyrics for their music. Also classical children's choir choral works were composed for her work. Her most successful characters, Berry and Dolly even became animated cartoon figures for the screens. With the help of her stories the once very popular and unique Hungarian filmstrip production came to life again after a long period of silence. Her tale books are infused with architecture, her original profession. In 2016 she published an architectural album about Budapest. Since the beginning of her career she is actively engaged with children suffering from serious illnesses. She also received ministerial honor for her niche books of charity and her multifaceted charitable activities, and she was awarded with the diploma of the Maltese Charity Service and the Red Cross. Bartos's books were published in several languages and her work has been recognized by many national and international awards.