Scolar Publishing was established in 1994 by Nándor Érsek, and has by now become a distinguished publishing company in Hungary with a various, colorful and balanced portfolio of fiction, non-fiction and children books.

We introduced into the Hungarian market a variety of well-known foreign authors, like Ian McEwan, Sofi Oksanen or Alan Hollinghurst. Regarding contemporary Hungarian literature, among others we publish the prestigious authors György Spiró and Dezső Tandori, but also several younger, but not less interesting writers.

We have several popular series and titles in the field of natural and social sciences (C. G. Jung, Niall Ferguson, A. J. P. Taylor, György Soros), and we have a prominent role in developing visual culture via our design and art series. We also publish widely-used course books for secondary and higher education, and since 2007, we are market leaders in biology workbooks, developed by Hungarian professors.

One of our biggest passions is Hungarian children books, from picture books to activity and exercise books - especially to discover and work with young promising authors. In the Hungarian market the name "Scolar" means high quality entertainment and education for all ages, from toddlers to young adults.