Takács Mari

foto: Szöllősi Mátyás
foto: Szöllősi Mátyás

Mari Takács graduated from MOME in 1997 as a typographer. She started a career in illustration in 2002.

"Her illustrations are not simple representations of the texts, rather they grasp the essence of the fairy tales and take the reader further into a magical universe. " https://www.artlimes.hu/cikk?id=221

Her blog: www.marilandblog.blogspot.com


Awards and Accolades:

Beautiful Hungarian Book Award three times:

  • "Fresh Ink!", (Publisher: Csimota and Pozsonyi Pagony) in 2005,
  • "Once Upon a Time in the Land of Tales" (Publisher: General Press) in 2008 
  • "The London Bears" (Publisher: Csimota) in 2013.

Hungarian IBBY 'Children's Book of the Year' Award "On the Edge of the Morning Star" (Publisher: Magvető) in 2007

Ministry of National Resources' Special Award "The Fairy Who Could See in the Dark" (Publisher: Pozsonyi Pagony) in 2009.

In 2014 in Berlin Mari represented Hungary as a children book illustrator on the exhibition Viva literatura! to the corresponding festival of children literature of Central and Eastern Europe in the Alexanderhaus at Alexanderplatz.